Bubby and the Pickle

Back when I was a new momma, I used to blog funny little stories of my kids.  “Bubby” is nearly eight years old now, and he informed us a few years ago that we can stop calling him “Bubby” already. Sheesh. But anyways, here’s an adventure from back when he was just a little punk.


Hey Momma! What’s that you got up there? Smells kinda funny. But, it must be good the way you’re gnawin’ on that thing.

I could use a snack. It’s been a whole ten minutes since I ate last and I’m famished. Hand that thing over.

Wait! What the wing-nut is THIS?

(Thump, thump)

And why is it the consistency of fermented rubber?

(Smack, smack.)

What’d you do? Leave it out on the counter for weeks?

This reminds of the time I got lost in Dad’s shoe pile.

I’d rather eat rain forest ants.

Hmmm…there’s gotta be a better use for this thing.


Take that, you corn sarnit BABY TOY!

Now, let’s see. I’ve got to get rid of this somehow.

Hey MOM! No need to pay any attention to me over here! I’m just finishing up my rubber snack! Yep, just a couple bites left and I’ll be ready for some dessert!

There. She’ll never find it here on the dirty floor–I’ve disguised it amongst the cheerios.


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