Dear Artist

Dear Artist,

(Or Photographer, or Writer, or Musician, or Creative Maker of any sort of things,)

You know that feeling you get, when you sit down to shape something new, and you feel stuck because you’re pretty sure nothing you create is any good?

It’s that paralyzing feeling. That angst that makes you second guess yourself and so you figure you’ll just go ahead and put away the camera, like for good. And shut down the lap-top from here on out and never scratch out another word or dry out the paint brushes and never pick them up again.

But, something in you just won’t let you quit. Because you know, if you don’t create and if you don’t sometimes share what you make, then you’ll sort of wither away, little by little, there on your insides.

That part of you that comes alive when you’re making something beautiful and good and straight from your heart, really, really wants to keep on living.

So, here’s what you do.

You just go ahead and make anyways. You craft your thing and hang it on the wall, or click “share” or “publish” or tuck it in an envelope for a friend, anyway. Because your earthly life, it’s pretty short and fleeting and you’ve only got so much time to bless.

What better thing (and what braver thing) could you give the world than your very heart spilled out on a page or smeared on a canvas or orchestrated in the notes of a song?

You could live free like this and give generously. You could create for the pleasure of creating, and then gladly release it into the world. Perhaps you could trust your art into the hands of the Creator Himself. Let Him carry it on the wind of His Spirit and take it wherever He will, while you let go of all the outcomes.

If your heart is somewhere in it, never be ashamed.

Just keep making.

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