Trailer Life

We’re at this RV park in Arkansas. (My Pa has been sick, so since we were already driving through, we decided to take a week to be close to him and my family.)

We usually live in church parking lots, so this is our first time to stay in an RV park. There’s this fun and interesting community here. That’s us, in Gigantor. When you drive Gigantor into an RV park, everyone comes out to meet you. There was the retired Marine driving by in his Jeep who stopped to chat for a bit. He was cussin’ until we told him what we do. (Ministers to the church.) And then he was like, “Let me tell you something! I’m real proud of what you guys are doing. Real proud.” And we were like, “Well, we’re really proud of you, for serving our country.” And he was like, “But, not as proud as I am of you.”

Then we met our next door neighbors, a retired couple from California.

And then there was “Rabbi Ron.” He walked up, stared for a while, and then gave us his card. I can’t help but wonder about their stories. I wish it was summer so we could all sit out by campfires and tell each other things.

I noticed that when you’re at an RV park, you can’t help but be curious. Every time someone new drives in, we all peer out our windows like, “Oooh, who is THAT?”

And every time you hear a door slam, you peer out the window again, going, “Huh. I wonder what they’re doing NOW.” It’s hilarious. We can’t poke fun, because we find ourselves doing it, too. You definitely bond with people in quiet ways, when you’re all living a similar lifestyle.

At this park, there’s all these creeks.

Most people want to travel so they can see more of the world. But, when our friends from the ministry first asked us if we’d be interested in traveling, one of my first thoughts was, “Oh. Think of all the creeks we can find to explore!”

The other day, I just sat out on the creek bank, and watched my kids splash and make dams and throw rocks and float little homemade paper boats.

There’s one thing I’ve always been able to do well as a momma. Sit still and watch. Soak it all in. Laugh when they laugh. Smile when they smile. Cry when they cry. Revisit my own childhood through their remarkable eyes.

Brent bought me some more succulents. He’s so good at that. He knows how much I love and need living things around me. I feel like trailers need cozy blankets and little cactuses and warm muffins from the oven to make it feel like home.

So, that’s what we’re doing lately. Taking a break from church parking lots and spending meaningful time with my family. Trying not to go stir-crazy being iced in.

Friendly waves and small chats with the retired RV’ers. Mustering up courage to invite the neighbors over for coffee or a meal. It gets lonely in here. I want to be the kind of people who open up the front door and say, “Come on in. We don’t know each other, but just for today, if today’s all we have, let’s be friends.”

Peace to you, each, my friends! If you want, drop a line and let me know what you’re up to this week. Thank you for taking the time to stop in.



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