A day in the life of a road-schooler

If your parents have a job where they have to travel during the school year, then you might have to become a road-schooler.

And your mom might sometimes refer to your trailer house as a “traveling school house.” That might get on your nerves a little.

There will be days when you have to ride in the truck for HOURS, while your dad pulls your house behind you and your mom makes you do your school, before you get to play games on the iPad.

If you road-school, then you might live in Texas for the first part of the month, Mississippi for the middle part, and Florida for the last part.

And if you’re originally from Michigan, your parents might keep saying, so annoyingly, right when you want to pout and have a bad day, “Hey! At least we’re WARM in FEBRUARY!”

If you do live in a trailer or an RV, there will definitely be moments when you start to feel really crowded. So, your mom might tell you that you have to go outside so she can clean the place up.

The good thing is, it should only take her about an hour or so to cover top to bottom.

There are plenty of places to explore. Always new things you’ve never seen or new people for you to meet. In fact, you might be having so much fun exploring, that your mom might forget to do the “schooling” part.

Yeah, your dad might have to mention to your mom, “Remember, we are road-schooling. That last part is important too.”

Not that this has ever happened to us.

There will be plenty of chances to catch frogs, if you like frogs. Or lizards, if you’re into lizards. Because your mom will eventually get tired of you all cooped up in “that tin can house!” and tell you to go outside and do SCIENCE.

If you’re somewhere warm, there will be popsicles for recess, while sitting on an old quilt that your great grandma made.

And even though you might get to meet new kids every week, you will pretty much have to be best friends with your siblings. Which isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

Mom says the best part of road-schooling, in our situation, is getting to travel with a team and do meaningful work. For instance, this is our family assistant, Katie. She’s like a big sis who hangs out with our family and helps us get our school done.

Mom thinks she must be some kind of angel in disguise.

And if you’re real lucky, you can rope one of your other team members [Trevor, here] into coming over to your trailer house to play Minecraft with you.

That pretty much sums up a day in the life of road-schooler.
Except for all the other stuff I left out.

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