Underbrush and God

The other day, I was thinking about underbrush and God.

Underbrush is all the scraggly little trees and thistles and ferns and tiny bushes that make up the bottom of the forest. The helpful thing about it, is that it allows little creatures in the forest to be able to remain hidden.

I was remembering how when God first made people, He put them in a little forest of trees and wild growing things. And one day, those first people separated themselves from God and they were so ashamed at what they had done, that they ran and hid in the underbrush.

But, God came walking and calling out for them because He was used to doing that–He was used to chatting with them and just enjoying life with them and spending time with them. But, on this particular day, they didn’t really want to spend time with God. They much preferred running away from Him. And hiding.

God respects our boundaries. If you want to run away and hide from Him, you can. He will give you space to do that.

But, He will miss you. And He will keep calling and reaching for you, because He’s used to doing that. He enjoys your company and wants to go on walks and have heart to heart talks.

Anyways, that’s what underbrush teaches me. It reminds me of the incredible dignity that God gives to each of His children.

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