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When You've Been Rescued

She sat directly across from me and as my check-up came to a close, I thanked her for being a doctor."It's very fulfilling," she replied, "when I get to deliver a baby for couples like you. I can say, congratulations, and actually mean it. It's hard to mean it when young teenage girls come in and they don't even know who the dad is. Or when the mom is on feel like the baby is just doomed, you know?"I shook my head in agreement. Doomed. It echoed in the back of my mind. And then I said to myself what I wish I would have spoken out loud to her, "Doomed...except for the fact that there is a rescuing God. I came from one of those mothers....I guess I should have been doomed."And it's true. My birth parents were drug and alcohol addicts...I remember loving the taste of beer at a ver[...]

When Memories Brought Pain

I committed to one more post from my poetry days, so here it is.However, before I share this last poem with you, it begs a bit of background.As some of you know, I was adopted when I was a little girl. You can imagine that life before I was "rescued" was unsettling, to say the least. As a teenager, I had a hard time processing those early years. I wondered why God allowed certain things to happen. There were wounds and I struggled to understand why.My Mom introduced me to Jesus the same year her and Dad adopted me. I learned that He was kind and loving and merciful. But still there remained this question deep within. If He was truly kind, if He was truly loving, if He was truly merciful, then how, how could He allow such awful things to happen to a little girl who couldn't protect hersel[...]

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