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What I Learned in the City about Life

The other day, Brent and I drove into the big city. We went to Chicago to see the folks at Moody Publishers because we had never been and we wanted to thank the team that worked on the book. Now, I don't go to the city much. I live in a little neighborhood across from a great big corn field and I only have to drive a few miles before I'm in the middle of grape vineyards and apple orchards and strawberry fields and a big ole view full of sky. So, as we entered Chicago, I was struck by the strange beauty of all those grey skyscrapers huddled up together and the impressive labyrinth of overpasses and roads. Everywhere, there were just so many people. I looked over and noticed these two men in bright orange vests way up high on the roof of one of the buildings and in my heart, I grasped [...]

Why We Need Never Despair (And the Tale of Two Mommas)

When I was born, I had a different momma. And I don't know the circumstances of her life, exactly, when she first conceived me and then carried me around in her tummy before I was birthed out and into her arms. I just know that she was broken. Painfully so. But, still, she gave me life and she kept giving me life as she held me close and let me nurse, my eyes blinking awake in that hospital room, adjusting to all the light. I remember her well. The last time I saw her, I was five, and I can still vividly recall her giving me the white birthday cake with the blue roses made out of icing. She had her problems and her addictions, but when she was sober, she was gentle and loving and kind. When she wasn't sober, she was angry and cried a lot so I sat on the floor and cried, too. I re[...]

The Year In Pictures A good song to listen to, while you're lookin' at all this... So, if you will, press play, scroll down... Thank You, God, for all of this. And thank you, friends, for sharing life with us.  

The God With the Shining Face

There is a God of glory, who always ever was. Breather of stars, Maker of moon and Sculptor of the universe. This is He who knit us together when we were in our mama’s tummy, but who has held us in His heart, long before time, as we know it, began.He is the God with the shining face, because His countenance is full of glory, and glory always shines. And this One with the eyes that blaze like fire turns to the people that He’s made, and He looks right into His children’s eyes and seeks to bless us. And though our hearts are jaded and our souls troubled and full of doubts and fears, He cups our cheeks in His nail-scarred hands and speaks words,  tender and clear.And all the cosmos echo it out--this message reverberating through the skies. In wind and rain and shifting storm clouds. Thro[...]

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