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The Power of Unplugging. (So You Can Enjoy Your Life More)

So, I'm kinda addicted to the internet machine. Because I really like Facebook. And email. And my favorite blogs. And there's always something entertaining on the Youtube device. And Pinterest is intriguing but then it always makes me really hungry. And angry. Because I never seem to have all those ingredients in my kitchen. And there's this thing I've noticed about myself. This thing that I do that I don't like when I notice myself doing it. I often come to the computer looking for love or fulfillment or something. I know that sounds strange, but do you know what I mean? Like, I click on my email box to see if there’s anything in there that will help me feel significant. And then I check my Facebook to see if someone has posted something that'll make me laugh or if enough people[...]

What I Really Think About Facebook

 I like Facebook. I like it a lot. And I've liked it so much that I've struggled with being on it more than I should. I think it's a common struggle in our culture. I mean, most of us want to be "plugged in" all the time. We love new information. We like to know someone is always out there on the other end, hopefully listening. It helps us not feel so alone in this life. And there's nothing wrong with these things.But, I've struggled and wrestled around with Facebook for some time. That is, I've been wondering if it's actually helpful at all. Because, though I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to, staying "connected" to my family, and posting things and receiving feedback, I've also loathed my seeming incapability to turn the blasted thing off and focus on the folks right in front o[...]

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