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Seeking To Find

I go out looking for You, to find You. You, who are Love, can do nothing but loveNothing but.And You are always whispering Always shouting it outThat You are real and You are hereI think I see. Only dimly, I see at firstWalking this earth half-blindBut then the clouds shiftAnd the light bends this way and thatAnd for one sheer brilliant second I see clearly.Your red-hot crimson loveSpilling downHealing this heart of mine.You are real and You are here.So I believe.  There at the kitchen tableAnd later on my pillow in the dark of nightI stretch my hands up toward YouAs if to touch Your faceAs if I could feel You on these fingertipsYou who made these handsAnd these eyes and all that I seeAnd can't seeYou are real and You are hereI feel You now.You were always all around meAnd I knew[...]

What I'm Naming This New Year

Have you ever named a year? I've never done it. But, I've heard of it, how you can name your new year something that you hope you will become. I think I'd like to name this new year, "Brave."Brave because I'm not. Mostly, I'm not. Not when I turn on the news. Not when I think of my babes and the world that they'll grow up in. Not when I look at our country and think of all the debt and all the mess we're in. I'm just not all that brave. But, I've been learning how to trust God more. Because He's awful big. He's bigger than the world. So big, in fact, that He holds us in His hands. And He's been doing something in my heart, something new. So that when I hear about the shootings, and the sexual abuse and the slow stripping away of freedoms, I hear this voice and it's gentle but firm. "Maggie[...]

A Prayer from a Needy Place

I need You, Lord. Every hour I need You. More like every moment. Though sometimes I walk around in this stone-cold stupor, oblivious and unaware.But, right now I feel it, my desperate need. That God-ache that no other thing will satiate. Just You, Your love, Your Spirit filling all my soul-holes. All my sore and hollowed out empty places. I'm parched and You come to let me taste and see. That You, in all Your glory are good. You are good but You're not tame. I should fear You, the way all the wild life fears a roaring lion. You are strong and You are fierce. But, still You're good. And I need You. I have always needed You. Oh God, please come. Could You come right now? Your voice, it shakes the wilderness. Like loud claps of thunder and bolts of lightening, it rips open the sky. Your excla[...]

On Believing in God and How I Almost Didn't

I have this friend who has impacted my life more than he knows. I've never bothered telling him. It's an awkward subject. He used to be a Christian and he's really smart and very analytical and somewhere along the way, He stopped believing in God. He slowly shed his faith and I haven't ever really talked to him about it personally, mostly out of fear. Though, someday, there's some things I'd love to ask him. But, anyways, as he was shedding his faith, I started questioning mine. Honestly, it shook me and I had no idea how much until a few years later, I still found myself wondering about God's existence. But, I don't think it had a negative impact--his influence on my life. I just thought it strange. That a person I don't really know all that well, it's not like we were the best of friends[...]

If God is Real

I think about God a lot. The God of the Bible, that is. It's not because I think that thinking about God makes me religious and I like to feel religious. Actually, the word religious makes me shrink back. It doesn't appeal to me. Maybe because I've been burnt by religious.But, I think about God a lot because when it all comes down, I really do believe that He's there. And sometimes, in spite of what I believe in my deep down heart, I can be ashamed of believing that He's there. Like, I'm some silly little kid who doesn't know yet that Santa Claus isn't actually real, or something like that. I guess because I know a lot of intelligent people and some of those intelligent people don't believe in God. And so I wonder if they think I'm silly for believing. Like the way I thought the girl in fo[...]

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