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Funny Stuff the Kids are Sayin'

The other day, I found a bunch of stuff the kids had said that I had typed out. Wanted to share some of it here with you. In case you could use a chuckle or three. Hilarious theology: Gideon  "Everyone needs to cut their fingernails except for God." Hopey  "Yeah, everyone except God and Jesus. It's a MIRACLE!" Gideon  "Yeah, if they DID have to cut their fingernails, they would need some really huge clippers." At the supper table, Gideon spouted off his list of things that you should for sure absolutely NEVER ever do. Take note: 1. Don't run into plexiglass. 2. Don't touch a triceratops' horn. 3. Don't stick your finger in an electricity place. 4. Don't ram your head into a tree. 5. Don't punch yourself in the face. 6. Don't stick your hand beside a[...]

The Year In Pictures A good song to listen to, while you're lookin' at all this... So, if you will, press play, scroll down... Thank You, God, for all of this. And thank you, friends, for sharing life with us.  

Some days...

 Some days, I tell you what, some days you just need to hang out...on like a log or somethin'.Or go on a long walk in a big field. Just because.  And some days, you just need to stare at the sky. And some days you've got to wear your Harley jacket with your pig tails so you can wave and say neat Harley things. Like, "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass: it's about learning how to ride in the rain...on a Harley." Or whatever it is that Harley riders like to say. And some days you just need to grow your beard out. So your wife can smile at you and say, "My, my.. You're lookin' a little bit more like Jesus every day."

If You Ever Come Across a Toad

If you ever come across a toad, just a hangin' out in your shoe, don't be skeered. He ain't gonna git ya. He ain't gonna eat ya. So, just quit your screamin. Quit your runnin. Calm down. Relax. It's just a toad hangin out in yer shoe. That's all.So, if you ever find a toad just a hangin' out in your shoe, you should name him. You could name him Crocky, or Toady, or Jumpy, or Bumpy, or Stinky. He won't mind. You could even name him Old Yeller and he'd never even blink. Toads aren't particular about their names. They're pretty easy goin' like that. One thing you could do, too, is you could let him swim. You might be surprised at how those legs can kick and how that big belly of his can help him float. Now, don't be leavin' him in the swimmin pool, though. Toads don't like that. They ain't fr[...]

You Might be a Redneck If...

I don't know about ya'll folks, but I was born and raised in Arkansas and I'm proud of it. Ever bit.I think that makes me full-blooded redneck.But, if you're an offspring of someone born and raised in Arkansas, well, then that makes you part redneck.Shur'nuff.Which may explain why one of your favorite shirts is a John Deere shirt.(Sorry, lil' Hopey darlin'...but, it ain't yer fault.)  And you might be a redneck if you like the slides and you enjoy the swings, but you'd much prefer to just sit a spell and deal in rocks and dirt.And you might be a redneck if you know about a creek down in the holler and you refer to it as your swimmin' hole.So, you jump in the back of a pick-up and you can't help but goofy-grin.And smile big... Hair all flapp[...]

When You Just Need to be Creative

Today we colored eggs. Not because it's Easter, by any means, but because this mama is an artist at heart, and if I'm not creating something, anything, I nearly go bonkers.The other day, my mother-in-law gave me this flower magazine from Gurney's. The plants were too expensive for me to buy but I enjoyed looking at all the colorful pictures. And then I decided I couldn't just toss those pictures, I had to make something with them. So, I sat in the kid's floor with the scissors and cut and cut and cut. At first Hope and Gideon joined me, but after about five minutes, they were bored. Nevertheless, I continued to cut out flowers while they fought over craft scissors and used up way too much Scotch tape and sucked on the washable markers. Sometimes I revert to a six year old. I even yelled wh[...]

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