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One Way to Enjoy Your Life This Summer

There are lots of ways to enjoy your life this summer. And one way, one big way, is to go for a walk in a field of corn.So, next time you see a corn field, don't just pass it up. Go for a walk in it. I mean it. Don't let your whole summer (or your whole life for that matter), go by without traipsing through a corn field. Corn fields can be very adventurous.Now, you might be tempted to run through a corn field. Don't do that. Running through a corn field is dangerous. You could get cut. By corn leaves. And getting cut by a corn leaf is so much worse than a paper cut. Because a corn leaf cut is pretty big. And you could lose an eye. So don't run. Just walk. Though, you can walk briskly if you want. Long as you keep your arms out.  And if you go for a walk in a corn field, stay close to [...]

Sissy helps out

Tut-tut, looks like rain. I see that mama is busy cookin' dinner. I should probably help her out by bossin' Bubby around. I think she would appreciate a little break. Hey, Buuuuubby! Time to come in. You need to get in here and wash up for supper. Besides, it's about to rain. You don't want to catch a cold, do you?(Bubby whirls by at ground breaking speeds, unattentive to his sister's bidding.)Hey! What are you deaf? I said get in here and wash up. A little soap and water never hurt anybody.Hey, look, mama! It's working. He's coming. I just knew I would be good at this. You should probably let me do the bossin' from here on out.(Bubby whirls by again, this time laughing obnoxiously and chanting, "Nah-nah-nuh-nah-nah.")Muuuuther! He's not listening! Ugh, children these days. Boy have I got [...]

Hope's a whole year today

Today is Hopey's birthday. She's lived on this earth for one whole year! (Remember when she was still in my tummy and I thought she was a boy?) I'm so glad she wasn't a boy. She sure surprised us. Now, one year old's don't know much about life yet. But they do have a few essential things down. Like, how to kiss. Kissing is important. And she knows how to just be. She's good at enjoying her little life. She doesn't stress about what's comin' next or worry about tomorrow. Cause she's provided for today. I should like to be more like that. Happy Birthday, Hopey. I'm so glad you're here with us.

How To Tell When A Girl is Tired

I heard once that girls are known for their crazy-complex, multifaceted, emotionally-complicated ways. Well, actually I've heard this like a bajillion times throughout my life. So, I've been doing some thinking. And I've come to the conclusion that girls really aren't that hard to figure out after all. Because actually, believe it or not, they only need like three things. Let me break it down for you. All girls, big or small, old or young need a trio of:Food. (And by food, I mean, chocolate.) Love. (This is a big one, so go heavy on it.)And lastly, but certainly not leastly, they need sleep. Now, I'll be the first to admit that a girl does indeed have a way of complicating things. It's often hard to tell which of these three things she needs at which time. All too often, the symptoms [...]


Dearest Hope-y. I know you're fast asleep right now, but I just wanted to tell you something. You belong. We're your family so you're with us. Like, you're in. This is your safe place.Now, I'm not sayin' that there won't be some dysfunctional moments. Or times of chaos. Or those instances when though we all love each other, we may not exactly like each other. That just goes with the territory. But I am sayin' that if you ever run away, we're comin' with you. Or that is, we're comin to get you.Because remember, you're with us. We're with you. That's family. So, hold on tight, little girl. Sometimes things get a little turbulent. But if you feel your fingers worries. Mama's got you. And Daddy's got us, too. Oh, and we've got Bubby. And Jesus...well, He's the one who really hold[...]

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