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The Process of Writing a Book: What it Means to Me

I've been scratching out words for another book. Now, I haven't signed a contract. However, I did send the book proposal last week and then realized I hadn't followed the directions. (Mom, are you laughing? You can stop now.) I'm secretly hoping that the acquisitions editor hasn't had time to open my email yet. I should probably just tell her swet self to scratch that...I'm trying again. When I get my act together. On the way over to the coffee shop today to do some writing, I had this internal struggle. Sometimes I forget the value of my work and I veer off and begin thinking this project is just another book "to get under my belt." You know, because if I have more books under my belt, then I am somehow more qualified. I'm somehow more valuable. More respected. More important. [...]

Book #2 (Doesn't that title sound poetic?)

So, I’m in the process of writing another book. Which is fun, because I like writing. A lot. I like it so much that I try to do it a little bit each day of the work-week. Though, sometimes I’m so excited about writing that I can’t focus and so I check facebook and then read some blogs for inspiration and then check facebook again, and before I know it, all my writing time is gone. But, hey. I’m not doing that. Did you hear that self? Don’t do that today. Now, I haven’t signed a contract or anything quite yet. I wanted to get a plan down first, because I hear plans are good things to have and once a contract is signed, well, then that’s serious business. Deadlines have to be met, which is exciting and exhilarating but there’s no more loli-gaggin’ around if you know what I mean. [...]

When You Want To be Famous. (Kind of)

Gideon walks around the house singing, well, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Everyone knows about ME!” I think he wants to be famous. I shush him because his little brother is trying to sleep. And then I wonder how in the world a momma is supposed to teach her boy how to be humble. I even get confused myself sometimes, what humility really means. Because there is this certain sort of longing inside all of us. An ache to be known, for our lives to count. For the things we work on to matter and to make a difference, a lasting impact in the world. And those longings do seem to be innate within us. But, how do we know when we’ve crossed the line, that thin small line between God given ambition and pride’s ugly practice? Now, I can pretty easily detect it in others. That annoyanc[...]

The Gist of the Book

 Hi, my friends. I wanted to let you in on the gist of this book I'm writing. (Moody sent the contract--we're in the process of reading through and signing it, then it'll be officially official.)Thank You, Lord!So, the book isn't written yet, by any means, I just have this rough sort of outline. More like the framing of a house, and now I've got to fill it all in, but I'm glad you're here, doing this with me. It's a big deal that I even have the framework, because I'm a very random thinker. I think in a wiggle,  not a straight line, so I give God all the credit for bringing to my mind the bare bones and letting it make some sort of sense.  And the cool thing is that Brent and I have been praying like crazy for God to give me what I need, so I've been coming to Him much like [...]

In Which I Consider Writing a Book

So, I have this friend, this dear sweet friend, who moves to to the big city to work for this publishing company. But, weeks before she goes she tells me of her plan and she says to me, "Maggie! I'm gonna make you an author!" She tells me this with a gleam in her eye and a happy grin and she says it like it's her shining dream. "You need to write a book," she adds, and in the moment, I don't exactly believe her. I mean, goodness, I've got my own list of need-to's. I need to get my house clean. I need to start by making up my bed on a consistent basis. I need to become a runner. So I can eat chocolate and not look like I eat chocolate. There's a lot of things I need to do. But, my friend, she doesn't let up and every time she sees me, she says it again and she plants this seed in my heart. [...]

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