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Wake Up All You Sleepers

Music affects me deep. And so much of life, when you stand still to listen to it, does actually feel like a song. This particular song is written for the church. The people that claim to believe in God and follow His Son. And every time I hear it, I want to get on my face before my God and pray-sing it with everything I've got. So, sometimes I do that. I worship Him and I pray for the church.I want the church to wake up. To stop the sleep walking and cease this half-dead living. Jesus came to make us very much alive. And it's only when we live vitally connected to Him that His passion can pulse warm through our blood.  You can sing it with me, if you want. Just push play and scroll down.We have seen the painthat shaped our heartsAnd in our shameWe're still breathing, 'causeWe have see[...]

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