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A Review of "Finding God at the Kitchen Sink"

Over the next week or so, I plan to post a few synopsis' of my book. The first one comes from my friend Jeremy Allen, whom I have a deep respect for. Jeremy is insatiably curious. He is a researcher, professional photographer, map lover and sometimes poet. After 32 years in the Christian faith, a tour in the Army irrevocably shook his faith. As an agnostic he now pursues graduate studies in philosophy and social theory. You can find out more about him here, at Eighteen Chains. Maggie is a spirit full of the world’s wonders. The dirt in her sink, the snowflakes on her kids’ faces, and the farthest corners of the universe do not escape her delight. Her heart bursts onto these pages in word-images bright as the sun. But Maggie knows darkness, too. She experiences tra[...]

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