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The Prayer I Most Often Pray (And God's Unlikely Answer)

I have this prayer I pray about 12 to 20 times a day. It's not like an intentional purposeful prayer. It just spews right out of my mouth every time I get this certain feeling in my chest, so in that way it's an incredibly honest prayer, though I wouldn't call it a very spiritual one. You wanna know what my most prayed prayer is? It's this, "God. Please help me stop being an idiot." Are you laughing yet? Because when I pray it, I'm not at all laughing. I'm dead serious. It's a very telling prayer. It's revealing of the way I think about myself most often or the fears I have of what others are probably thinking about me. It usually comes with a memory of something I've done or said and before I know it, I'm begging God again, "Um. God? Please. Please make me be not an idiot." [...]

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