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Before the World Was

Continuing on my journey through J. Oswald Sander's, The Incomparable Christ. Photo creditIt's summer and every day ends with fireflies blinking. I stay outside at dusk to watch the darkening yard fill up with them. Another day just whirled by and it feels like I just stumbled along. Most days, really, I spend groping around, trying to figure out how to live this blink of my life. It's just not good enough for me to simply exist here. I want to know how to fully live. I hunt for meaning because I've just got to know what's most important. I can't stop thinking about how I only get this one chance and it's all so brief. I've been reading about Jesus and at the moment I feel silly. Like, am I wasting my life thinking about Him?  What does He have to do with today, anyways? But I can't g[...]

Altogether Lovely

I picked up a book yesterday in my mother-in-law’s basement. I actually went down there to retrieve something else and found myself distracted, as usual, staring at her shelf of old books. This one caught my eye, “The Incomparable Christ” by J. Oswald Sanders. There was nothing attractive about the cover, but a sweet friend had raved about it, so I took it upstairs, sat down on the couch and began.  And now here I am, still thinking about what I’ve read and that I would like to do a bit of blogging as I go along. You see, this book is all about Jesus. And as I write this, I am a little frightened by what you’re thinking right now. Like, what if you don’t like Jesus? Or what if you don’t think He’s real? Or what if you think He was real, but you just don’t get why people would dev[...]

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