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A Tribute to the Daddy of my Kids

Brent is a good daddy. I know he's only been a daddy for a few years, but he's been a good, good daddy all those years. And he's such a good daddy, that I'd like to commend him. Because it seems like really good daddies are pretty rare. And every kid in the whole world, they all need a good dad, but not everyone has one. And sometimes my heart is so full of thankfulness that God would give my kids, (my prized possessions) such a good man to protect and lead them, that I just have to spill it out and tell you how wonderful he is. So, here it is. This is what makes Brent such a good daddy man.Firstly, and really importantly, Brent loves me. He loves his kids by first loving his wife. That's pretty rare. He's intentional about staying connected to me. He calls throughout the day, sends emails[...]

What Love Does

Sometimes love is in bedtime prayers. When you're plumb worn out at the end of the day, but you go ahead and cuddle next to your boy anyway and stumble out some prayers. Then you let him have a turn and you watch him fold his hands and rest them on his forehead and ask God for tractors and help to grow up and be strong so he can march in a hip-parade and blow a trumpet.Sometimes love is when your husband pitches a tent in the backyard. And he's up for adventure and asks you to spend the night with him under stars but you've become this sissy britches in your old age and you like the feel of your cool sheets and you're not getting up to go out there and be awake all night. And the two of you get in an argument the next day over whether or not you disappointed him and you both spill your gut[...]

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