One Way That I Enjoy Life…

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I want to share life with you. And I want to somehow do my part to help you enjoy your life a little more. One way I can do that, is by encouraging you not to fill up your life with too much busyness and hurry, but to pause…and take time to enjoy the wonder and awe of God and His creation.

This here window is in the basement bedroom that we’re staying in. Every day I peek over the plants and look to see what sort of critters have fallen down overnight. This weekend, I saw something that I’ve been aching to see for a long time–a SALAMANDER!!! Actually, I saw two salamanders, even better.

I vividly remember the first time I ever dug one of them up in the backyard as a little girl. I was completely mesmerized to find the sweetest, sleekest, most gentle little creature. A few years ago, I saw one in an aquarium at a nature preserve and I’ve prayed for one ever since.

So, I ran outside as fast as I could, grabbed a ladder and took on the adventure of claiming those salamanders as my very own. However, as soon as I looked down into this hole, I remembered one terribly, horrible thing. There are spiders down there.

I’m afraid the intensity to which I fear spiders exceeds the intensity to which I love salamanders. And this fear often turns into violent rampage-like behavior. My body goes into these convulsions, and I become a brutal tyrant while nothing is safe within smacking distance. (Just ask Brent.) So, I quickly ran to the door and called for Brent to come out and offer me some moral support. He so sweetly came. He’s such a good husband for me.

Much to my exhilaration, I found SEVEN salamanders! They were all wadded up into this big mass and I actually thought it was a snake at first. So, I yelled up to Brent, “I need you to ENCOURAGE me! I’m scared!!!” He stood there and laughed. And then he pretended like there was a spider about to get me. And then I yelled at him. And then I proceeded to gather up my salamanders and frogs, because I’m really weird like that.

I decided to kindly release the frogs into the wild.

However, I kept two salamanders. And I named them.

Hi Sally! Hi Mander! Hi Sally-Mander!

Sally is glossy and sleek. She enjoys quiet walks on the beach, moonlit nights and eating earthworms.

Mander has the coolest yellow spots. He enjoys cruising, snorkling and making google eyes at Sally.

Oh, and he likes eating centipedes and rolley-pollies.

This dude showed up as I was looking for bugs for my new found friends. Good thing he was too big for them to eat.

So, I asked Gideon which he liked better, frogs or salamanders?
He said frogs, and I asked him why?

To which he responded, “Because they eat like this!”


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