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Samuel Speaks

Listen mom. I know it's nap time right after this. But, I was thinking maybe we should have a negotiation. I was just thinking that instead of nap time we should have some more snack time and then you could push me in the stroller for only just one hour and then I could swing. You know, instead of that sleeping thing. I promise I won't get fussy. See, I'm not even tired one bit.  Besides, I have too much to do and I don't really have time today. For one thing, I still need to yank Hopey's hair at least three more times. She hollers real loud and it's funny. Then I need to wreck Bubby's train track and eat some cat food and pluck out a few of Rascal's whiskers and spit up on the carpet. There's way too many clean spots left on the carpet. Then I gotta swipe s[...]


It's the very, very end of the day, and I really should be tucked in bed, but I just wanted to show you a few things.Today there was all this sunshine in the yard. And I had a lot of things to do but the kids were resting and I couldn't stand to think that all the sunshine was filling up the yard and I was inside washing dishes. Because around here, I have this saying. It goes like this, "Winter is coming! So, I should go outside." So, I did. I put the dish towel down and I went out barefoot and I just enjoyed sitting in the grass and petting my cat and gazing at the blue patch of sky and felt the breeze all blowy. It was so blowy that I was going to capture this one little dandelion seed still clinging, but right before I clicked the shudder, it blew away. And that little fleeti[...]

When You're Scared and You Need a Promise

Today I marry my pictures with the lyrics to my favorite musical CD. If you don't have this CD,  you should get it. It will minister to you deep. I'm praying these words into the lives of some dear friends who are really hurting. And I'm praying them into my life, too."I Am Here"Do not fearFor I am with youDo not be dismayedFor I am here,I am Your God,I am here.I will strengthen you,I will help you,Uphold you with My steady hand.For I am here.I am Your God.I am here. So take courageFor I am with you. I will never let you go.For I am here.I am your God.I am here.I'll defend youAnd protect youFrom those who wish to cause you harmFor I am here.I am your God.I am here.  So rejoice In the Lord God.Rejoice.I am your God.I am here. "Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxio[...]

For My Mama On Her Birthday

Today is my mama's 60th birthday, and since it's not really polite to reveal a lady's age, please don't tell anyone I said that.  My mama has been a good mama to me. She's taught me a lot of things. She's very logical and concrete in her thinking, and since I'm very random and un-concrete (or whatever the opposite of concrete is) in my thinking, we've been good for each other. I mean, we've kind of driven each other nuts before, but there was this glorious day when my sweet mama came to this amazing realization. We've been much better friends ever since. I remember her coming to me and saying something like this: "Maggie, I think in a straight line and you think in a wiggle. Now, it's not wrong to think in a wiggle, it just takes a lot more time to get from one place to another." And [...]

Of Farms and Kitties

When I was a little girl, and long before I understood about all the responsibilities of life, I wanted to live on a farm.I always wanted some cows, some baby ones, and some chickens, well, baby chicks, and some donkeys, I mean the miniature ones and some goats...some baby goats.But then one day I grew up. Well, not completely, but enough to find out that farms are a lot of work, and I like sleeping in. And I like taking naps. And I like sittin' around lookin at the animals. I just don't believe in getting up at the crack of dawn to give them food and clean up their poop.Oh, wait...I guess I already do that now...but that's different. My own kids are a little cuter. A little.So, I decided that maybe bein' a farmer's wife wasn't for me. But bein' married to a farmer's son is a pretty nice t[...]

Pregnant Mother Seeks Revenge

So the other day, when we were at the fair, we visited this building. (Because besides eating funnel cakes, the other most important thing about fairs is seeing the baby animals.)As I was walking around, admiring the miniature pony and the little llama and the widdle chicks--oblivious for just a moment about my big-o belly--this random lady walks up to me and says, "You probably think you should be in one of these exhibits."Now, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. I admit, I didn't get it at first. I just gave her a confused courtesy laugh and continued on my way. Until...until Brent came up to me and exclaimed, "Wow...I can't believe she said that to you." And then it hit me. Me...I should be in one of these exhibits. Like right beside the big fat mama pig.How dare she? Who did she t[...]

Life at the Fair

Snotty.Stressed.Ashamed.Thirsty.Dreamy.Cozy.A little too cozy.Deceased?Freaky.In need of a few more snacks.In need of a few less snacks.Sweet.What I want for my birthday.What Gideon wants for his birthday.Okay, not really.What Gideon really wants for his birthday.What I wish Brent wanted for his birthday so I could get one for him. (me.)Just not right. A little misunderstood.Well, folks. That's all I have from the fair.Ya'll come back now, ya heeyah?

A Tribute to My Husband

See this guy?(I'm referring to the tall one...not the short one.)I really like him. I remember the first time I saw him and I just kept telling God what a good job He did at making him. I was like, "He's just so beautiful."Yep, the first time he smiled at me and I saw that his eyes were all blue and sparkly--woe--I was smitten. But, of course, I had to mostly ignore him and pretend that I didn't care for him because I was so afraid that I would just repeat the same past mistakes or that I would do it all wrong.But, thankfully, the Lord is merciful and kind to me and He somehow put it into Brent's heart to pursue me, in spite of all my bewildering here we are.And I really like him.You wanna know something amazing? Something that I've discovered since I've known h[...]

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