Mr. Bubbers, may I have your attention please? Today I want to introduce you to something very wonderful.

What I am about to show you is one of my favorite things.

Mr. Bubbers, this here is a ROCK! Now, rocks are great things because they are made out of dirt. And dirt is wonderful because it makes you dirty. And if you have dirt on you, then you know that you are having lots and lots of fun.

Rocks have provided much enjoyment to me and as your mama, it is my responsibility to make sure you are aware of life’s greatest enjoyments.

You can throw these things in water and they make cool splashing noises. You can pile them up and they make nice walls or big “mountains” for your army men.

If you look underneath them, you can find amazing little bugs and worms and stuff.

Or you can just scoop them up by the hand full and hold them.

When I was a little girl, I’d dig holes in the yard and pretend they were houses for my little rock people. And sometimes I’d gather pebbles and pretend like they were my Pesos so I could buy food at the marketplace.

Oh, and I loved gathering up big rocks and putting them in a circle and then making me a nice, warm crackling fire to cook my food on. (For pretend of course…Nanny was so mean, she never let me play with real fire.)

Do you know what else, Mr. Bubbers? I really like being your mama. I’m pretty sure no one else is as fascinated as you are about my rock stories. Thank you for listening.

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