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This week I’m featuring a poem a day by my favorite poet, Ralph Spaulding Cushman. The following poem is so meaningful to me. I long to be always aware that each day of life is a precious gift from the Lord. This day is full of wonder and beauty and Jesus comes to us in a thousand ways–in the sunlight, in the warm embrace of a friend, through His written Word.

Lord, help us to see that You are real and that You’re here with us.

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by Ralph Spaulding Cushman

This day, Lord, is Thy gift of grace,
Wherein I may discern Thy lace!
The sunbeams quivering on a tree
Reveal Thy constant care for me;

This glad, green earth, the blue above,
May tell the wonders of Thy love.
But oh, dear Lord, lest blind my eyes
Should grow to Thy wide lifting skies,

To all Thy gifts of earth and sea,
Lord, keep Thy loving hand On me;
Lest as I journey On my way
I miss the glories of each day!

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