When You Just Need to See God

 There is a God of glory.
Petal-weaver, Moss-Maker, Conductor of wind symphony. 
Daily at work
above and beneath me.
  I sense Him around me, reach out to feel Him.
 Maker of Heaven
Dweller of hearts.
The One who captures my utmost attention
Arrests me in wonder. 
He captivates.
 Him all beauty.
   He is Light.
Gently Cascading.
Warm and healing this heart of mine.
Inmost places.
 A tender shoot, I am opened.
Unfurling, I stretch
 To Him all there.
Untwisting I reach
Out to Him
 Up for Him.
I soak in the light 
 of Him all joy.
There is a Great Redeemer.
Chaser of darkness.
Slayer of sadness.
Who comes to save.
 Cheerer of sore hearts.
Lifter of heads.
I find sweetest soul rest
in Him all Strength.

He is the Center.
Blazing bright Center.
Keeps me anchored
When all else shakes.
He is brilliant
Burning and gleaming.
And I am most fair
When reflecting His face.
He is unshaken,
Unconquered forever.
And I am held by
Him all Grace.
 There is a God of glory.
Shower of kindness.
Mercy bestowing.
He forgives and He forbears.
I am clean
For I am His.
Seeker of hearts
Winning me over.
Him Overcoming.
Me overcome.
Him all Love
An ocean depth.

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