The God With the Shining Face

There is a God of glory, who always ever was. Breather of stars, Maker of moon and Sculptor of the universe. This is He who knit us together when we were in our mama’s tummy, but who has held us in His heart, long before time, as we know it, began.

He is the God with the shining face, because His countenance is full of glory, and glory always shines. And this One with the eyes that blaze like fire turns to the people that He’s made, and He looks right into His children’s eyes and seeks to bless us. And though our hearts are jaded and our souls troubled and full of doubts and fears, He cups our cheeks in His nail-scarred hands and speaks words,  tender and clear.

And all the cosmos echo it out–this message reverberating through the skies. In wind and rain and shifting storm clouds. Through dappled light in Maple trees, to crashing waves and foamy beach. One can hear it in the thicket or in a poppy field. Or at the supper table, over steaming plates and filled up cups.

And there in the yard, He shouts it, through barefooted kids with their popsicle smiles, and jars all full of lightening bugs. Like a lullaby a mama sings as she tucks her babes in for the night, when she leans in close to kiss their foreheads, it serenades us through our dreams… 

May the Lord bless you, bringing good constantly into your life.

May the God with the radiant face keep you and build around you His safekeeping. May the blood of Christ wash you white as snow and the Spirit of Jesus be over you and hem you in, behind and before. May He be your shield all around. May He be your light, your one sure thing, and the lifter of your head.
May the Lord be gracious to you. His smile upon you,  His love always flowing out and toward you. May you know that He is for you.

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, look right your way, full in your face and shine.  May your eyes hold His burning gaze. May He show up time and time again, all throughout your day and make Himself known to you.

And may this God of glory give you peace. The kind that overtakes and overwhelms with solace and comfort. The sort that defies all human understanding, calms your spirit and makes you whole.
And since peace comes from His Presence, may you live your life, always attentive and aware of the One who formed you and knows you. Deep down knows and absolutely loves you. May you walk each moment ever before the God with the shining face.
(Related: Numbers 6: 24-26)

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