One Way to Enjoy Your Life This Summer

There are lots of ways to enjoy your life this summer. And one way, one big way, is to go for a walk in a field of corn.
So, next time you see a corn field, don’t just pass it up. Go for a walk in it. I mean it. Don’t let your whole summer (or your whole life for that matter), go by without traipsing through a corn field. Corn fields can be very adventurous.
Now, you might be tempted to run through a corn field. Don’t do that. Running through a corn field is dangerous. You could get cut. By corn leaves. And getting cut by a corn leaf is so much worse than a paper cut. Because a corn leaf cut is pretty big. And you could lose an eye. So don’t run. Just walk. Though, you can walk briskly if you want. Long as you keep your arms out.
 And if you go for a walk in a corn field, stay close to the edge. And if you’re already bad at directions, by all means, DO NOT go scoutin’ through the middle. That’s just foolhardy-ness. Cause you could get lost. Corn is tall. Real tall. And you just never know what could be lurkin’ smack dab in the middle of a corn field, just waitin’ for you to lose your way. So, stay close to civilization. 
 But, if you do get lost, don’t panic and start runnin’. Because it’s not safe to run through a corn field. We already covered that part.
I suppose if you do get lost, you should just stand in one spot and yell loud as you can. And if a plane flies over, yell even louder and jump up and down and wave corn stalks.  And if that doesn’t work, just turn around and walk back to the house. And then don’t go walkin’ in a corn field again unless you’ve got a compass and a map and an entire sack of sandwiches.
 And when you go walkin’ in a corn field, be sure to stop and admire the corn. Listen to the birds. Look up at the sky. Watch the stalks shake in the wind. Just enjoy the feeling of being in a field of corn. It’s a neat feeling. So, take your time. 
 And that my friends, is just one way to enjoy your life this summer. That is, if you live close enough to a field of corn.

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