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When Love Swells

Sometimes I wonder if she can sense it. This love from me that feels like it's flooding out of my heart in a torrent all about her.Can she actually feel it on her skin? Like drops of rain? Like beams of sunlight?I really do wonder this.Surely she can, because I can feel the current of it, moving toward her. The surge and swell embracing her. Wrapping her up.But just in case, I go ahead and say it. Speak it over her.I love you.I'll be here for you.I'll try my best to understand you.I'll stay up late to talk to you.I'll fight for and Daddy both.And somehow, as best as her little heart can comprehend, I think she knows she's loved.Because when we know we're loved, we radiate beauty. And we can't help but smile...for no apparent reason.I'm glad you're here, Hope.I think we'll be good [...]

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