If I Could Be Like Zaccheaus

Lord, I want to be like Zacchaeus. That little guy in the Bible who climbed up a tree just to catch a glimpse of You coming round the dusty bend. Grown men don’t climb trees but that street was awfully crowded and his heart was hungry and yearning for Your coming. He knew he might scuff his knees or rip his shirt and people would laugh, and though he was the guy who was known to have everything, he didn’t have You. He was just a shorty pants in a world so big, so he had to take a risk and go out on a limb and crane his neck so he could see. What a surprise he must have felt to discover that You who came to find the lost were coming right for him. (Luke 19)

 Lord, this day gets awfully crowded with things to do. And sometimes I lose my way and feel afraid and small, but my heart, it yearns for You. The laundry piles and I wash dishes and stare outside the window. I look for You. At the dinner table, my kids chatter and I can see the ways You show up–etched in our smiles and heard in our laughter. You still come to find the lost. Don’t let us miss Your coming.

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