When You Just Need to Be Filled

Some days I feel kinda fragile inside. My emotions don’t obey me and they do such strange things and I feel scattered and scared. There’s these times when I really want to be strong and unwavering, but I just feel so weak. Like, I need an anchor or something solid for my soul. I need a refuge. Somewhere to run and rest a while.

And I feel hungry. And I don’t mean the physical kind of hunger, but the deep inside kind. I need some soul nourishment, something substantial, something my spirit can chew on that’ll make me strong again.

I read that I was made this way. All of us made with that ache. That need for filling. A Someone who is kind enough to care and strong enough to save. A Refuge. A Rock. A Nourisher of soul-hunger.

So, when I’m scared I run. Fragile-hearted, I flee. Right for the Refuge. And I find Him firm. Strong. Sure. Stable. A Rock. I find Him near. Arms open wide and waiting. A very present help in trouble.

And when I’m hungry and in need of filling, I pause and take in. Of Him the Word. Him the Bread of Life. The Fountain of Living Water. And I walk away full. Full and overflowing. Soul-nourished. Content again.

And when I’ve been fed and comforted, I can’t help but tell it. That there’s a God who made me and all of us with this ache. This God-ache. And He fills. He fills! Nothing else fills like Him. Nothing else on this whole green earth.

So, with my life I’ll tell it. Because I can’t help but tell it.

Let all the rocks shout it loud.

He is good.

Thinking about these verses today:
John 4:13-14; 6:35; 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

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