Just Some Funny Stuff

 Gideon’s been saying some funny stuff. And if I don’t write it down I might forget it. So, I might as well write it down here and share it with you.

Regarding snow, yesterday he looked out the window and exclaimed, “Hey Mommy! Jesus is shoveling all the snow away!” And though I didn’t see Jesus out there with a shovel, I did see the snow was melting and it made us very happy. And today as we were getting ready for the library, he grabs his hat and says, “I need this so my hair won’t get cold. And if it snows on my head, then I’ll be safe.”

And I know this is probably more than you wanted to hear but today he said of Rascal, our kitty, “Hey Mommy, Rascal needs to go poo-poo. I’ll hold her hand and say, It’s okay, Rascal. You can do it. ”

And at lunch I told him that I loved him, even when he threw fits. (Because here lately, he’s been throwing some awful fits.) So, I just told him that I still loved him and he said, “Sometimes I like you making macky-cheese.” And I think that means he loves me too.

And speaking of macky cheese, I keep ordering it for him and Hopey nearly every time we go out to eat. And it’s only slightly embarrassing when I say that we’d like some “macky cheese.” Not mac-n-cheese. Not macaroni and cheese. Macky cheesy. With an emphasis on macky.

That’s all for now.

Peace out.

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