Bubby Meets the Mongrel

This month we’re dog-sitting for some friends.
Just wanted to include you in the life and times of Bubby and the Mongrel.

Bubby, Mommy wants you to meet someone…her name is Annie…I think. For now, we’ll call her Smelly Breath.

Oh, HI, Smelly Breath! I liiiike you. I like your widdle ears.
Come to da Bubby.

That’s right…you like me!
You want to submit to my every command.

I have great plans for you, Smelly…we will play hide-n-seek…

…and give each other smooches…and noogies!

Mommy, can we keep Smelly forever?
I promise to share all my favorite toys with her.

What’s mine will be hers.

What’s hers will be mine.

I’ll teach her cool tricks, like how to pick up all my toys for me…and how to fetch me some snacks from the pantry.
Yep..we’ll go on lots of adventures together.

I will comfort her in sorrow.

Make her laugh away all her tomorrows…

We’ll be best friends f o r e v e r.

No, Bubby…we can’t keep Smelly.


That’s weird, because I thought you just said, WE CAN’T KEEP SMELLY!

Did you hear that scary noise? That was my heart breaking.

That’s it. I can’t take it anymore.
I might as well lay right here and perish. Oh, no! I can’t breathe. I think I just took my last breath…I think I’m…I’m…perished.

Mom, look at me! This is a big mistake. If…if I don’t grow up with a dog, I’ll be incomplete. I’ll get a learning disability. I’ll be socially inept…warped for the rest of my life!

Is that what you want? Is that what you really, really want?!

I know, I know, Bubby…and we will get you a dog. We will. But we hope to find one a little less…troubled-looking.

We will?
Oh goody…thanks Mom.
I take back what I said about perishing.


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