Bubby’s Big Award

Last weekend, our little town had this big event. They closed off our main street and made a huge tubing hill. And apparently everyone and their brother was gonna be there so we decided that we should probably go be there too. So we went. And when we got there we had to laugh because there was the hugest, longest line and the hill wasn’t as slick as it should have been and the police officers and fire department folks were having to pretty much push people down the hill. Now, how sweet is that?

So anyways, we decided it wasn’t worth it to stand in this line because our hill at our house would be much faster so we told Gideon he could stand in the street with us and play in the snow. I mean, we wanted him to have fun after all this effort we went through to get there, so we couldn’t exactly just pack up and leave. Do you know how long it takes to get snow boots and snow pants and a snow jacket and hats and gloves on two little people under the age of three? Yeah, by golley, we were gonna stay and enjoy ourselves awhile.

So, Gideon stood in the street and ate snow. It was dirty but it wasn’t yellow, so we didn’t protest. And these city officials walked by and said, “Ohhh! Look at him! He looks enthusiastic! What’s his name?” And they said they were nominating him for an award so they wrote his name down on a clipboard and walked off. Meanwhile Gideon just stood there, as nonchalant as could be, snacking on his snowball.

And a few days later, we heard that Gideon did indeed win an award. So we told him he won an award and he said, “Oh, what is it? TRAINS!!!” And I said, “No, I think it’s a pencil or maybe an eraser,” because by all means, I didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

So, we went and got Brent from the office and headed down to the City Hall and claimed our award. 

 And this is his mugshot.

Not only did he receive a one-of-a-kind, bona fide, authentic, “Bucktown Spirit Award” certificate…

But, he also received a miniature inner tube necklace thingy. Of which, you can see he is quite proud of and asked us a bazillion times all the way home what he was supposed to do with this thing.

And if that wasn’t cheesy enough, he also received a package of Cheeze-its.

And Hopey received a new car just for being the sister of the Bucktown Spirit Award winner. (Okay, just kidding. Those are my keys.)

Actually,  Hopey didn’t win anything. Except for a half a bag of leftover Cheeze-its and she was rather happy with that. (Apparently Cheeze-its evoke very cheesy grins.)

And after Bubby got his reward, we celebrated by going to McDonalds. Where Bubby squeezed a package of tangy bar-b-que sauce, which then erupted into an explosion on Bubby’s hands, which then were smeared all over Bubby’s jacket. And then Brent spilled his root beer and Hopey shredded her napkin. And then I remembered why we don’t go to lunch more often.

But, all in all, we think it was a fine reward which has resulted in an adventurous day. Go, Bucky Bucktown! WOOHOO!

Thank you for listening.


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