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When You Go Looking to Find

This morning I woke up, sat up in bed a little and peered out the opening in my window shades. I confess. I groaned. I groaned because the tree limbs were laced back up in white and the yard was all covered in snow, and I was thinking it should be spring. Warm, green and growing spring. But, no sooner had I groaned when this sing-songy voice came rollicking back into my head. The voice of my momma when I was little as she was trying to teach me that each day was a gift and that I could give thanks and still find the good in things. The voice that would say, “Remember! This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice, and be glad in it!” (from Psalm 118:24) Yes, she’d say it and I’d roll my eyes. Yes, now that I’m a grown-up, I still hear that voice and those words and I know i[...]

How I'm Learning To Enjoy This Life

The girl with the paint smear on her forehead ran, like some wild child, like someone without a care in the world. Like someone utterly free. So, her momma turned to see. To see that light in her eyes and the way it shines out through her smile and punctuates her cheeks. And the boy, he ran too. Like a crazy hooligan, streaking through the hallway, tearing through the kitchen, and all for sheer pleasure. Nothing else. And that momma of theirs was captivated. She couldn't stop watching how the fully alive enjoy just living. She'd read about the dying. What they had to say. How they wished the living ones would just slow down and really feel their lives. She'd watched a dying man express how intensely happy he was when he heard the pitter patter of his little girl's feet comi[...]

The Year In Pictures A good song to listen to, while you're lookin' at all this... So, if you will, press play, scroll down... Thank You, God, for all of this. And thank you, friends, for sharing life with us.  

When I'm a Little More Still

I'm being a little more still these days. Because I have a new little one and my first trip to Lowe's with the three kids made me realize that I just don't quite have what it takes to go out and about just yet. I had thought it would be fun to get out and buy some living things. But, Gideon and Hope were far too fascinated with the bird baths and trickling water fountains to listen to their momma yell repeatedly to come back and Samuel took up all the space in the shopping cart with his car seat so there wasn't much room for perennials, anyways. Even if they were on sale for a dollar. So, I'm enjoying my yard more. And my house is staying a little cleaner because I used to leave my laundry and dishes behind on a whim, but now I get tired just thinking about it.And while I'm being a little[...]

On How I'm Feeling Here Lately

There's something about having a baby that makes me feel fragile inside. And it makes me want to handle the world with care, to be easy around the edges, to touch gently because there are soft spots. I don't know if that makes sense. And there's just something so miraculous about a new little person that makes me see the world with new eyes. When we brought our little guy home, this babe who was born when the moon was rising all full and milky white, I sat out in the yard with him, under the pine tree in the dappled light. I could hear a mourning dove cooing, and the breeze was so gentle, too, lifting the branches and I felt like the world was new again. The grass was soft and tender, poking up between my toes and the kids ran and played and I just sat there all calm and peaceful[...]

A Love Letter to My Unborn Son

 Dear Son,I know we haven't met yet. Like, officially. But, boy do I love you. And it's getting so close and these last couple weeks have been increasingly hard to wait for that breathtaking moment when you birth into this world and into my arms. I remember how your big brother and sister's eyes blinked, the first time they took in all the light. And how they lifted up their head and peered up and our eyes met. There was this knowing, that we belonged to each other. And somehow in that moment, it felt like home. I don't think I can ever forget that. Life is just so much waiting and we've been waiting all these nine months as you've been growing and I've felt your movements as you've stretched and kicked and I've loved knowing that you are alive and well and full of energy. There were [...]

If Your Day is Dark and Dreary

Today is one of those dreary sorta drizzly days. The sky is awfully gray out there. But, not in here.  No, in here, our true colors are shining through. Because we've got these wild imaginations, so when the day turns dark and dreary, we can always pretend to be a cool, tea-drinkin', stringy-haired, hippy chick with some bling.Or we can be a cool hippy tea drinkin' bling flingin' chick who just happens to be standing by a robot-man. At least, I think that's a robot-man. A very serious Harley-ridin' robot man.  Or we can be a one-eyed moppy-haired skinned-up chin dude. That's always fun. Or a no-eyed moppy haired, skinned-up chin dude who so happens to be friends with a bling-flingin' psycho robot girl.Uh-oh.Time out. Did someone say psycho? You want psycho? I'll show yo[...]

Enjoy your life, my love

Little boy, did you see the ants today? Those ones in the long crack in the driveway, that just keep on keeping on, even when you leave tire tracks, right smack dab through the middle of their hill? All their hard work? They're busy little creatures. They don't seem to let defeat discourage them. They just keep building.Enjoy your life, my son.Little girl, did you see that one sparrow? Who built her nest in mama's peat moss basket? She flits off to bring more food to her babes, being careful not to swoop too close to the kitty. Her little ones are growing up so fast. Come hot summer, they'll be grown and gone. For now, she just keeps singing and filling up their bellies.Enjoy your life, my love.Little boy, do you notice the way your sister sees you? Like, you're her bestest buddy-chum pal?[...]

When I'm the Happiest

The other day we were at this restaurant with Brent's parents and Gideon was sitting on his Grandpa's lap. I watched my little guy as he sat up on his Grandpa's knee, all sparkly-eyed and laughing and intensely enjoying himself. In that moment, I was never more happy. All of a sudden the world seemed safe and good and innocent and I sort of got lost in the moment as I watched the love between them. The older man enjoying the little guy. The little guy adoring the older guy. And me enjoying them both. Some moments get captured and you never really forget them. Like the time I was still living at home with my parents and we were all three out in the yard doing some yard work. Dad had taught me how to back up the mower with the trailer hitched to it, so I was getting lots of practice, ha[...]

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