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What I Do When I'm Afraid of Life

Sometimes I get afraid of life. I can't explain all the reasons why, but I just kinda go through these spurts or seasons when I'm more prone to be fearful of things and my heart feels fragile and I have a hard time roping my imagination in.And it's strange because it's something that happens on the inside of me and I'm finding that it has nothing to do with what's going on, on the outside of me. Like, today for instance. Today is the most lovely, breezy, warm, full-of-light kind of day. And there's nothing in my life to be afraid of. At least nothing that I can see. But, for whatever reason, I have a lot of what-ifs running through my head, and before I know it, I'm plumb sceered! Scared of the world. Scared for my kids. Scared of what could happen in my life. Just scared. And I don't like[...]

If You Ever Come Across a Toad

If you ever come across a toad, just a hangin' out in your shoe, don't be skeered. He ain't gonna git ya. He ain't gonna eat ya. So, just quit your screamin. Quit your runnin. Calm down. Relax. It's just a toad hangin out in yer shoe. That's all.So, if you ever find a toad just a hangin' out in your shoe, you should name him. You could name him Crocky, or Toady, or Jumpy, or Bumpy, or Stinky. He won't mind. You could even name him Old Yeller and he'd never even blink. Toads aren't particular about their names. They're pretty easy goin' like that. One thing you could do, too, is you could let him swim. You might be surprised at how those legs can kick and how that big belly of his can help him float. Now, don't be leavin' him in the swimmin pool, though. Toads don't like that. They ain't fr[...]

When You're Too Stinkin Tired to Do the Dishes

At the end of the day, you might have a wreck on your hands. But, you might have made this new year's resolution, back, way back when you were feeling very resolution-y and you might have told yourself from here on out that you would do the dishes before you hit the hay. Because that way you'd wake up with a clean slate and a clean kitchen and that would make you happy in life.And that way you wouldn't yell at your kids so much. And you wouldn't glare at your husband. And you wouldn't kick the cat. And you wouldn't spit on spiders.P.S. I don't spit on spiders. Spitting is disgusting and I think it should be outlawed. And I don't kick the cat on purpose. But, sometimes I do those other things.P.S. again. One time when I used to share a bathroom with my sister, she was brushing her teeth and[...]

Addicted to Color

We're addicted to color around here. And lately, we've been coloring everything. We color our eggs and our cream of wheat and our ice cubes and our cheeks and our shirts and our paper and our patio and pretty much anything we can get our hands on. We like color. Color makes everything so colorful. God must love color, too. Because He colored the whole world with it. Even the galaxies. Did you know the galaxies are different colors? Breathtaking colors. And underneath the sea, way down deep, there's all these colors, too.  I mean, He could have made everything black and white and we never would have known. But, He didn't. He made all these shades and hues and they make life brilliant and vibrant and nice to look around at.Do you ever wonder if God has a favorite color? Because it seems[...]

When the Earth is Your Shoe and Every New Step is an Adventure

I wish you could hear the birds outside my window just now. It's early, early morning and they're going crazy out there. God must have put something in them that feels this need to herald in the morning. It sounds like this loud, jubilant procession. It's like they're shouting, "Here comes the sun! Here comes the day! It's heeeeeere! It's heeeeeere!" Birds are very excited about new days apparently. I like that about them.Speaking of new days, I'm embarking on a new day myself and a new year of life. Just celebrated a birthday. In the words of Elvis, "Thank you, thank you, thank you very much." But seriously, I'm thankful for all the people that celebrated loud like the birds, heralding in all the new with me.It's really exciting to embark on a new year. I recently read about this guy who [...]

The Last Random Thoughts from my 31 Year Old Brain

Tonight it feels kinda magical outside. I really should be out there. I used to go out more when I was younger. I'd walk around in the yard in the evening and listen to the birds and watch the clouds skid by and talk to God. Then I had a couple little kids. Now, I just step out for a few minutes, and think something like, "Wow, I really should stay out here," then I go back in and lay on the bed and check Facebook. Shame-y, shame-y. What's become of me? I should go out more. But, I'm so tired. Tomorrow I turn 32. I love birthdays. Because people do nice things on your birthday. They say nice things and they sing this funny song and they all stare at you while they're singing this funny song and you feel kinda awkward but somehow you still like it. You wanna know something embarrassing that[...]

What's Good

 I don't know how long I have to live this life. And I don't know what's just a little bit ahead. You know, right around the bend. There's a lot I can't see. But, I do know that what I have been given, this string of days up till now, has been beautiful. So beautiful. Of course, it's been messy. That, too. And I've had a fair amount of hard days. I've felt pain, an awful lot of it and I've been disappointed and there have been the confusing moments. And some dark ones. But still, even looking back into the face of it all, still, it's been beautiful.  And though I spend my days thinking a lot about life, only to find that the more I learn, the less I know, and though I have a lot of doubts and misgivings, there are some things I just know deep down.Like, I know it's good to be th[...]

Let Us Swing!

Let us swing.We could shut off the blinky screen. Leave the dishes in the sink. Let the laundry lie.  We could lean waaaaay back, you and I.Let the sunshine kiss our cheeks. We could be the craziest geeks.Just let us swing.It's okay if we don't have it all figured out, this life.   We could shake off the stressin' and roll off the strife.Tell those anxious cares to go away.Cause our Maker's provided for us today. Let us swing! Let us laugh and squeal and dreamand not worry 'bout how it seems or if the neighbors are lookin' out. Life's just too brief to pout.So, let us swing.We could yell and we can shoutLet all our noisies out.We could gulp up all the sunAnd burp it out, it'd be so fun.Just let us swing.Wiggle toes and dangle feet, Happy wave at peop[...]

Some Things I Really Loved Today

I'm awfully tired, but before I find some rest, I just wanted to show you some things I really loved today.Bubby asleep in his animal cave. My tulips.And all the plans I have for this little rock garden. The sky. It was so blue today. This beautiful indigo blue.Like, a deep beautiful indigo blue. I'm telling you, it was so blue!I walked around the yard just gaping up at it. I couldn't stop looking! It was just so blue! My daffodils. A whole row of them.They're just so yellow!And the centers are so orange! (Okay, I'll stop.)My house.(This is the back.)It's an amazing gift to have a house. Not everybody gets to live in a house.I love getting to live in a house. Our bent but budding peach tree.And the sweet way my husband told me once that we shoul[...]

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