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Lesson on How to Be Weird...from a Weird-o.

Sometimes in life, you just really need to be weird. And by weird, I mean cool. Because weird is the new cool. (Just in case you didn't know.) Take it from a weird-o. Your forehead might actually be a little too long. And your hair in the front may or may not be way too wispily-wild. Listen, don't get down on yourself. Just go with it. Smile. Be free. Be crazy free!Of course, it helps to encourage others to be weird with you. And by weird, I mean cool. And this guy is obviously cool.Never mind that behind those shades he's thinking to himself, "I hate every minute of this...why, oh why do I let her talk me into this?"I confess--it can be a bit startling to others. (Oh, and that part is so much fun.)Did you know there are some people who just aren't used to being weird? There are actually [...]

How to Savor Joy

There are countless ways that God graces our lives with His Presence...we only need eyes to see.He whispers His love to us in a thousand different languages.At times He shouts it out.We only need ears to hear.There's a joy-song just waiting to be sung with our lives.It's intoxicating and relentless.We only need a heart in tune.Lord, please wash away the blindness from our eyes. Please take away the deafness from our ears. And Jesus, please take the hardness from our hearts. We need eyes to truly see...ears to truly hear...hearts that can feel You. Especially in this daily grime of life. You are our Joy. We long to savor You.

Some days are harder than others

Today was a hard day. Some days are just like that, you know? I felt like such a wimp, emotionally. Gideon is at this stage where he's no longer very fond of his toys and would prefer to play with cell phones, keys, the lap-top, toxic cleaning supplies, the toilet bowl and all the other "no touchies."And not only that, but he's been getting frustrated so easily. If he doesn't get something right away, he throws himself on the floor and begins banging his poor little head. Or he just starts smacking himself in the noggin while repeatedly yelling, "NO!" Or, then there's the occasional biting whatever is nearest to him...the chair, the toy, my leg.Now, please don't misunderstand. I really like this little guy, I do. And I'm not lookin' to ship him off to Abu Dhabi, just yet. But some da[...]

Abundant Living

Perhaps it's mostly me, or mostly a "woman" thing, or mostly a "human" thing, but one of my greatest struggles each day is wondering if what I'm doing is important. The conversation in my head usually goes something like this: "Am I doing the right things today? Does this thing matter? Should I be doing something else? Now, why am I here again?"It isn't long before the day becomes full of activity, and I stand wondering if time has been squandered or if I've invested in the things that matter most. The good news is, I can talk to my Creator about these questions in my heart and He is near enough to hear me. And He answers. Isn't it comforting that He answers? And here is how He answered me today:I am the Vine, you are the branches; If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fru[...]

Thoughts on 30 Years

Hey, hey, it's my BIRTHDAAAYYY! (That was meant to be read very loudly and obnoxiously.) I'm actually mimicking a friend I used to work with, who upon every return of his birthday, would yell this out to anyone passing by so they would surely know this day was set apart...for him. Today I'm celebrating 30 years of life. 30 marvelously beautiful, sometimes hard, but mostly deeply satisfying years of living. A dear friend asked me today what my name meant. And the meaning of my name actually depicts a lot about my life, so I wanted to share it with you. I’ve heard that Magdalene has two meanings. The first is “prostitute," which is interesting because my birth mom was a prostitute and as a little girl, I had many thoughts that I would grow up and be the same. (I vividly remember lots of[...]

From Darkness to Light

Today, I'm proclaiming the praises of Him who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light.(2 Peter 2:9)I woke up and my heart was heavy with the cares of the world and with the burden of myself. I had exerted very little energy, and yet I was so tired and worn down.But I looked to Him, who calls me out of dark thoughts.I praise Him because He changes the way I see.He opens my eyes to see beauty in the ordinary.He gives me purpose in the mundane.I think of Him and my heart is glad.Tears of sorrow are followed by tears of rejoicing.I move about in light because He made me a light dweller.I sit still.I taste and see that He is good.I drink deeply from His Word.I am whole again.Basking in light.I was empty but now I'm full.So, I proclaim the praises of Him who called me out of darkness[...]

Sometimes I pretend to be "The Pioneer Woman"

I don't know if you've ever read The Pioneer Woman, but you really should. She's the funniest blogger I've seen. Anyway, I bought a "leek" at the grocery store for the first time, and the following post is my very own rendition of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.Before you cook, it would be helpful if you could acquire a "Bubby" in the kitchen. Bubbies are very useful. They cheer you on and are willing to try just about anything. (Before spitting it out and throwing it onto your freshly mopped floor.Secondly, you need a messy kitchen. Always start out with a messy kitchen. That way, you're discouraged and mad at the world by the time you finish cooking.Next, you need a good ole' cookin' pan. A really big one if you plan to do a lot of cookin.'Make sure that it is nice and scratched up. It's always[...]

Some Much Needed Light and Life

Today the sun came out to play. So, when Gideon laid down for a nap, I bundled up and sat in a little spot up against the house, soaking in all the warmth.I've never yearned for spring this much--it must be these northern winters.The sun-filled days are few and far between, but not one of them is taken for granted.I try to look for beauty in the bleak. There is a loveliness about old things passing away and the promise of new things coming.But a girl can only take so much wither and decay.So today, I sought out some life...And I found it, there at my feet, as I sat quietly in the sun.And when I find life, I have to gather it up. So I found a bucket......and some tools for digging.(This is what you use when you can't find your spade.)Here's the dirt. I tried to be poetic about the dirt but [...]

The Scariest Blog Post Ever Written. (Not really.)

I came across some old pictures the other day that brought back some very pleasant and funny memories. See these care-free kids? That was us before this guy came along. Actually it was us before we were married. You know, when I was still dressing pretty and wearing make-up all the time and when we used to go on dates like every other night. (Note to self…Maggie, you really should stop wearing your favorite sweat pants every day. And it wouldn’t hurt to wear make-up a little more often…)Anyways, there’s something you should know about this night. So, if you’ll just stay seated for a few minutes, I would like to recount to you a funny story. Perhaps it all began when I watched Anne of Green Gables for the first time, or maybe I was just born a free-spirit, but I’ve always enjoy[...]

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