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What I'm Daydreaming About These Days

Hey, guys, there's something I need to show you.First of all, welcome to my backyard. See way out there between the playground and the shed? There's a woodpile out there. Well, I just wanted to inform you that that's where I'm gonna plant my garden this year. I'm very excited about that. I really like my woodpile. And when we moved here, I was so happy to buy a house with a woodpile because it made me feel like I lived out in the country. And long before we had a kitty, I daydreamed about a kitty sitting next to my woodpile. And now we have a kitty and she does that. She sits by the woodpile and on the woodpile. But, the woodpile has to go because it's all rotten stuff and that's where I'm gonna plant my garden.I don't think I can express this enough--I'M VERY EXCITED ABOUT PLANTING A[...]

Here lately...

 I'm in a rather talkative mood, and since there aren't any grown-ups around to talk to, and since my dear children have settled down for their naps, I thought I'd talk here to you. Although, I do realize that I will be doing all the talking and you will be doing all the listening, but I figured you wouldn't mind. The other night some friends invited us to a local basketball game. And even though we didn't know any of the players, we went because Gideon really needed to experience a basketball game. And I was really surprised, but we all had fun.  My favorite part of the basketball game was not the basketball part. Much to my husband's dismay, I don't really care about the basketball part. But, I did like watching all the teenagers and listening to the band. Teenagers are absolut[...]

Come Awake

Today I marry my pictures with Crowder's song, Come Awake, because I've been listening to this and I just can't explain to you how much it helps me. All I can do is post it here for you and hope somehow you feel it, too.Regarding the pictures, I just walked around the house, inside and out, looking for life. And I found it! I was so surprised to find it--all this living among the dead.So, if you will, just push play, then scroll down. Are we left here on our own? Can you feel when your last breath is gone? Night is weighing heavy now. Be quiet and wait for a voice that will say... Come awake! From sleep arise! You were dead, become alive. Wake up! Wake up! Open your eyes.Climb from your grave into the light. Bring us back to life.You are not the only one.[...]

When the Winter is Very Wintry

 If the winter doesn't go away, and keeps coming at you with all it's wintry, winterness, don't get discouraged.  Just get your sled.   And get your sister. And find a big hill. And try to point yourself in the right direction if you can.But, if that doesn't work out as planned, just hold on.And keep holding on. And yell for help if you need to.And if you can't move your arms, just yell louder.Someone will surely come.Eventually.Like, a neighbor.Or a stray cat.Or a wandering crow.Someone or something will come.Just keep yelling.And then get back on your sled and do it again.Just don't forget to hoot-n-holler.Because fun intensifies to the ninetieth degree when you hoot-n-holler.And when you can't move your legs, just yell.And keep yelling.Someone will su[...]

A Study of Jelly in Light

 Today, the light's been streaming through my windows. And light has this way of making ordinary things look purdy. Like jelly, for instance. Have you ever held your jelly bread up to the light?You really should.  And since I'm a weird-o, I stood there and admired all the light in my jelly for a while. And then I just had to show it to you.   Because who doesn't want to see jelly in light? Or light in their jelly?It's very sparkly. And I'm pretty sure it tastes better, too.

How to Start the New Year Off Right

Would you like to get your New Year off to a good start, my friends? Follow these simple instructions. Firstly, ignore the fact that your children are in dire need of going to bed. Just never mind that they are past the delirious point and have now entered in to the certifiably-crazed-we're-literally-going-looney phase and just focus on yourself and your deep need for something covered in chocolate.Then get you out some chocolate. Some chocolate that you can melt in the microwave-y  machine. And then get you out some honey grahams. Or some Oreos. Or some Ritz or just anything you've got in that there pantry that you can cover in chocolate. Then grab some candy canes from off the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree that has now shed all it's needles because you neglected to water i[...]

Surprised by Joy

Have you ever noticed how life can be really hard? And somewhat painful? I mean, even a good life can be hard. Even a life where you know you're loved and you've got everything you could ever want...still, it's hard. But then there are these moments when you're just plugging along, caught up in the everyday humdrum of things and you look up and find yourself surprised. Surprised by this joy that crept up on you when you weren't expecting it and you weren't even looking for it.  And for the next little while, there really are no words.  No words... Just this hushed awe. This captivating wonder. This insane happiness. Insane because if the world is really all that dark and bleak, then why in the world am I feeling this.  So, where does this joy co[...]

Things I Love to Find

Little boots right close to mine, because that means a little Hope-girl is here walking around. A  pile of things left by the door because that means there are these warm little hands and feet that go in them. A random collection of stuffed animals, because that means we've got toys a-plenty and wee people who chuck them across the room and make a game of landing them on the bed.A mess on my bathroom floor because that means this bathtub has seen it's share of bubbles and these walls have echoed laughs and these tiles have been wet with small feet and lots of splashing.And I love to find this boy absorbed in car parades because that means he's actually entertaining himself.And this girl playing with  trucks, because that means perhaps her brother will get along with her just a li[...]

The Secret

The secret to happiness...Can't be found in all the stuff.(For after all, haven't you noticed that we always just need that one more thing?)And it's not in the flattering accolades and descriptions behind our names.(Because validation only makes us feel good for a moment...and then we're hungry for some more.)The secret to happiness...Is realizing that it's never very far away. Sometimes it's just right there in front of you.You just have to slow down enough to see.

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