Bubby Saves the World

Hey Mom. Please don’t interrupt me. I’ve got some highly important business to attend to.

Well, you see this here window crank? Basically, I have to crank this like a bazillion times a day, just to keep the earth spinning on its axis. I know, I know, it’s a hard job– just be glad I’m here to do it.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. If it weren’t for my amazing man-skills and technically advanced cranking abilities, I’m afraid this whole place would simply collapse. Did I mention how HIGHLY IMPORTANT this job is?

So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna get back to the ole crankity-crank-crank.

Let’s see, does it go right then left…or is it left then right?


May-day, may-day! It appears we’ve hit some turbulence and I’ve just been ruckusly knocked from my post!

Now, (grunt) if I could just scootch back over there so I can continue my vitally critical task of crankin the crank!

Ahem, do you mind? I could really use a boost over here.

Whew…that was a close one.

Hmmm, I’m gettin kinda hungry. It’s not easy bein a hero and all.

This thing tastes worse than baby food and I didn’t think anything could taste worse than that. At least it doesn’t stink.

Wonder what’s for dinner?

Aaaack! MOM! You scared me! I thought you were supposed to be washin dishes or somethin.

You don’t have to watch me every second. I’m fully capable of operating this crank without supervision.

Grown-ups! They’re always makin sure you don’t have too much fun.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah…I was just savin the world.


  1. by Beautiful Things on January 5, 2010  1:51 am Reply

    This is ADORABLE! His hair has gotten so much lighter! Ack- what a cutie. =D

  2. by tellinggetsold on January 4, 2010  9:02 pm Reply

    Oh Maggie, you crack me up. :) Gideon sure is cute...I'm glad to know he's watching out for the rest of us.

  3. by Debra on January 5, 2010  2:56 am Reply

    I don't laugh this hard over just anything...those pictures w/ those antics are so hilariously funny! Thanks for the great laugh.
    Love you, Maggs.

  4. by trena on January 5, 2010  1:00 pm Reply

    He's getting so big and cuter every day! I guess he'll be walking soon?

  5. by lisatatj on January 6, 2010  8:00 pm Reply

    I just caught up on your blog...so many comments to make, but really just want to say Thank you! Enjoyed it thoroughly! keep it up please!

  6. by Jodi on January 12, 2010  3:10 am Reply

    Thanks for a laugh Maggie. :) Gideon is such a cutie and it's so much fun imagining their thoughts before they can talk!

  7. by April Hendricks on May 7, 2010  4:52 pm Reply

    Fantastic, Maggie. :)
    Happy Birthday today!
    When are you due? I asked Paula and she told me she doesn't know things like that. :)

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