So, I Changed My Mind

Hi Friends. I just wanted to tell you something. I just wanted to say that I changed my mind–I’m not going to blog every week day like I said I would. (I’m a girl–girls are allowed to change their minds at least a few times a week without coming across too emotionally unstable, right?)
Anyways, here’s why: I had been thinking that I should write more often because I needed to be more disciplined. (And for a girl who doesn’t even make up her bed everyday, being disciplined at something sounded like a neat idea.) And I was thinking that I should write more because that’s the only way to have more “readers.” I mean, successful writers have like a bazillion readers. And my favorite blogger writes every day so I was thinking I should probably go ahead and be more like her. I am now chuckling to myself. How ridiculous do I sound?
So, anyways, I’m getting rid of all those bad ideas in my head. And thanks to the sweet encouragement of a few people that love me well, I’ve decided to only write (at least at this season of my life) when I truly feel inspired. Like, when my heart will otherwise burst if I simply don’t share what’s in it. (Thank you, Aunt Margo!) (And Mom!) (And Brent!)

And the truth is, I don’t actually desire to have a bazillion readers. But I do very much want to somehow encourage the people in my life that I know and love.

So, that’s all. That’s all I wanted to tell you for today. Thank you for listening.
Now, perhaps I should go make my bed…


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