So, I Changed My Mind

Hi Friends. I just wanted to tell you something. I just wanted to say that I changed my mind–I’m not going to blog every week day like I said I would. (I’m a girl–girls are allowed to change their minds at least a few times a week without coming across too emotionally unstable, right?)
Anyways, here’s why: I had been thinking that I should write more often because I needed to be more disciplined. (And for a girl who doesn’t even make up her bed everyday, being disciplined at something sounded like a neat idea.) And I was thinking that I should write more because that’s the only way to have more “readers.” I mean, successful writers have like a bazillion readers. And my favorite blogger writes every day so I was thinking I should probably go ahead and be more like her. I am now chuckling to myself. How ridiculous do I sound?
So, anyways, I’m getting rid of all those bad ideas in my head. And thanks to the sweet encouragement of a few people that love me well, I’ve decided to only write (at least at this season of my life) when I truly feel inspired. Like, when my heart will otherwise burst if I simply don’t share what’s in it. (Thank you, Aunt Margo!) (And Mom!) (And Brent!)

And the truth is, I don’t actually desire to have a bazillion readers. But I do very much want to somehow encourage the people in my life that I know and love.

So, that’s all. That’s all I wanted to tell you for today. Thank you for listening.
Now, perhaps I should go make my bed…


  1. by Debra on March 24, 2011  1:43 pm Reply

    I'm one of your biggest fans, Maggs, and I'm wholeheartedly behind you in this change of mind. I don't want you to be anyone but your wonderful self!! xo

  2. by FourGirls 4 and under on March 24, 2011  7:52 pm Reply

    Well I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures no matter how often you post, but I don't think you need to feel like you HAVE to blog every day. Forcing yourself to do that may cause you to lose the pleasure in it.

  3. by Alicia on March 24, 2011  7:08 pm Reply

    girl... your blogs always get an emotional response from me... whether it's a smile, a tear, full blown laughter or an encouraged spirit! thanks for putting to words what so many of us wish we could!!! :) love u my sister warrior princess! Ali

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