Some Things I Really Loved Today

I’m awfully tired, but before I find some rest, I just wanted to show you some things I really loved today.
Bubby asleep in his animal cave.
My tulips.
And all the plans I have for this little rock garden.
The sky.
It was so blue today.
 This beautiful indigo blue.
Like, a deep beautiful indigo blue.
 I’m telling you, it was so blue!
I walked around the yard just gaping up at it. 
I couldn’t stop looking! 
It was just so blue!
 My daffodils. 
A whole row of them.
They’re just so yellow!
And the centers are so orange!
(Okay, I’ll stop.)
My house.
(This is the back.)
It’s an amazing gift to have a house. 
Not everybody gets to live in a house.
I love getting to live in a house.
Our bent but budding peach tree.
And the sweet way my husband told me once that we shouldn’t cut it down just because it’s all twisted and bent. Because this is a great reminder that bent and broken things can still bear fruit.
(And I need that reminder.)
 My lilac trees.
Isn’t it neat that so many years ago, someone planted this lilac tree and they had no idea how much delight it would bring a girl walking around in her yard on an April day, breathing in all the lilacs?
What we do really matters.
It affects people years later.
Even planting lilac trees.
 New growth on our grape vines.
I feel like I’m on a honeymoon or something.
I mean, I know it’s been spring for a while for some of you, but I just can’t get over it.
I love it so much.
Brent does not love it.
But, perhaps one day he’ll come to see.
Moss is good.
Moss is neat.
It’s like carpet ‘neath your feet.
(Thank you, I thought of that myself…just now.)
 Little tendrils.
All entwined.
Well, I need to go now. I was really hoping to write something lovely and poetic about little tendrils clinging but my brain just stopped working. 
Thank you for listening.

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