What’s Good

 I don’t know how long I have to live this life. And I don’t know what’s just a little bit ahead. You know, right around the bend. There’s a lot I can’t see. But, I do know that what I have been given, this string of days up till now, has been beautiful. So beautiful.

Of course, it’s been messy. That, too. And I’ve had a fair amount of hard days. I’ve felt pain, an awful lot of it and I’ve been disappointed and there have been the confusing moments. And some dark ones. But still, even looking back into the face of it all, still, it’s been beautiful. 

And though I spend my days thinking a lot about life, only to find that the more I learn, the less I know, and though I have a lot of doubts and misgivings, there are some things I just know deep down.

Like, I know it’s good to be thankful for small things. Like a pot full of white eggs in a clean kitchen sink. It’s good for me to stop long enough to notice. And to whisper thanks to the Maker of white eggs and the Giver of a clean kitchen sink. Because life has this way of whirling by, and this is how we hang on, this is how we keep from falling. This is how we center ourselves back again on the Center of all things.

And I know that in the rush of minutes it’s good to pause and feel the breeze blow by. And it’s good to look up from time to time and watch how the sun pushes all that brilliant light through clouds. And it’s good to remember that the here and now isn’t all there is. There is a Forever. And it’s on it’s way. A Kingdom come. And sometimes if I’m still enough, I can feel it breathe.

And I know that it’s good to sit at the foot of a living thing and just marvel that it is and that I’m here too.

It’s good to listen to music and make art and it’s good to dance when no ones looking and when they are and it’s good, so good to stand in awe of a God who vibrantly colors all my days, the whole entire string of them.

I just don’t know how long I’ve got here because this life, it’s just so brief. And I can’t shake off the temporariness of it all.

But today I pause and wonder at all the joy I’ve found and with these fingers I just type out a simple thanks. To my God and Savior. Thank You. It’s been so beautiful.

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