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Bubby and the Pickle

Back when I was a new momma, I used to blog funny little stories of my kids.  "Bubby" is nearly eight years old now, and he informed us a few years ago that we can stop calling him "Bubby" already. Sheesh. But anyways, here's an adventure from back when he was just a little punk. Enjoy! Hey Momma! What's that you got up there? Smells kinda funny. But, it must be good the way you're gnawin' on that thing. I could use a snack. It's been a whole ten minutes since I ate last and I'm famished. Hand that thing over. Wait! What the wing-nut is THIS? (Thump, thump) And why is it the consistency of fermented rubber? (Smack, smack.) What'd you do? Leave it out on the counter for weeks? This reminds of the time I got lost in Dad's shoe pile. I'd r[...]

In Which Gideon Writes His First Book

Today for "school" we wrote books. As in the kids told me what pictures they wanted, and I put them into Publisher, and then we went back and they dictated their words to go with the pictures. Let's just say, Gideon's dinosaur book is my favoritest dinosaur book ever. Now, as you'll notice, this book calls for audience participation. Feel free to participate. (Hope you get a good chuckle like I did.)     Ahem, that's supposed to be "break" a building down. That would be a typo by the momma.  

In the Mind of a Bubby

 Heeeeere fishy, fishy, fishy. Heeeeeeere fishy.Wait for it. Waaaaait...Slowly, quietly, eaaasy.Now SCOOP!Doh!This is ridiculous.Oh, well. Might as well try doing something productive around here. Splash. Whew. Glad I got my shower over with.That counts, right Mom?

If Your Ears Hang Low

If you ever wake up one day to find to your utter horror, that your ears are hanging too low, please, oh please don't panic. Just take a deep breath, find you a pair of toilet paper tubes, and cover those shameful things up.Things might sound a little funny. Like everyone is talking to you through an intercom while your head is stuck in an inner tube in the middle of a busy airport, but hey. No one will notice your ears. Relax. Just keep smiling. Or, if by chance you go outside and the sun is so shiney that it makes your eyes so squinty that you can't actually see much for all the sun shining squintiness, don't get all bent out of shape. Just pull out your pair of toilet paper tubes and shade those baby blues. You might have trouble walking in a straight line and you might feel a little li[...]

When You're Three

Bubby turned three. Which means we've known him now for three whole years. Three whole fun, adventurous, loud, beautiful years.So far, he's had two birthday parties. One at his Aunt Gee-Gee's house and one at his Pa-Nanny's house.We'll have another for him when we get back home, at his Grandpa Denny's house. That will be three whole birthday celebrations. And then we'll be done for a while. Which is a good thing, because I don't know how much more balloon blowin' a kid can take. Did you know it's hard to blow up balloons when you're three?In fact, it's practically impossible. You can blow, and you can blow, and you can even cross your eyes and blow, but it may not get you anything but a dizzy spell and a headache. So, you should probably leave the balloon blowin' to the grow[...]

Bubby's Big Award

Last weekend, our little town had this big event. They closed off our main street and made a huge tubing hill. And apparently everyone and their brother was gonna be there so we decided that we should probably go be there too. So we went. And when we got there we had to laugh because there was the hugest, longest line and the hill wasn't as slick as it should have been and the police officers and fire department folks were having to pretty much push people down the hill. Now, how sweet is that?So anyways, we decided it wasn't worth it to stand in this line because our hill at our house would be much faster so we told Gideon he could stand in the street with us and play in the snow. I mean, we wanted him to have fun after all this effort we went through to get there, so we couldn't exactly [...]

Just Some Funny Stuff

 Gideon's been saying some funny stuff. And if I don't write it down I might forget it. So, I might as well write it down here and share it with you.Regarding snow, yesterday he looked out the window and exclaimed, "Hey Mommy! Jesus is shoveling all the snow away!" And though I didn't see Jesus out there with a shovel, I did see the snow was melting and it made us very happy. And today as we were getting ready for the library, he grabs his hat and says, "I need this so my hair won't get cold. And if it snows on my head, then I'll be safe." And I know this is probably more than you wanted to hear but today he said of Rascal, our kitty, "Hey Mommy, Rascal needs to go poo-poo. I'll hold her hand and say, It's okay, Rascal. You can do it. " And at lunch I told him that I loved him, even [...]

Bubby's Big Day, like Really Big Day

 Bubby's been growin' up. He's almost three entire years old. High time to drive his own tractor, don't you think? But we told Bubby that before he could drive a tractor all by himself, he had to first give up his passies. Because big farmer men don't need passies. We told him that we'd get him some balloons and we would tie his passies to the balloons and he could send them off, up-up-and-away, high up to the sky. Bubby really likes his passies, but he also really likes tractors. So he went for it. So we got him some balloons. And it just happened to be the coldest, snowiest day of winter yet, but we didn't mind because we're getting bigger and we don't need those passies anymore.  Daddy shoveled a nice path on the driveway and we headed out to the passie-lift-off site[...]

A Study in Pinecones and Property Laws

Today I went out to gather pinecones. I love the smell of cinnamon and I was thinking it would be neat to make my own cinnamon scented pinecones. So, I gathered them up and put them in a basket. And I couldn't help but notice how lovely they were. For some reason, no one had ever told me how amazing a pinecone is. I almost went my whole life without really noticing one.So, I found myself sitting in the yard looking down at pinecones. Have you ever looked down a pinecone? You really should.I just can't express to you how captivating they are. Those outer rims are all sappy and smell amazing. And just before that white sappy frosty stuff is this delicate little curve of brown--looks like someone took a paintbrush and did a little water coloring on them. Anyways, I was kind of lost in the adm[...]

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