The Turning

This morning, I sat on the couch while the kids played and cried just a little bit. I cried because I could feel the season change, the way everything turns, and I realized how much I loved the day long and the light warm and the grass and trees all green and growing. Summer is still here, kinda, because it’s feeling chilly already, but I was missing it before it even left, and I wasn’t ready for this change. I wanted to squeeze out some more barefoot, lightening bug catching, cicada singing, sand in our hair moments. 
So, the kids and I loaded up and we headed for the nearest beach.
Like I said, it was a bit chilly–I probably should have packed some sweatshirts, but we found a patch of sunlight and played in the warm spots.

Thankfully, the water was still warm and the minnows were teeming there at the edge, so Hopey got to scooping and squatting and soaking her clothes.

And as she scooped, I admired the sun in her hair and the warmth on my back and the geese flying in and I breathed in all the clean and wide and open and free.

Then I looked up and out to see these clouds and how they always seem to march onward across the sky, in this triumphant procession. And I could hear them shouting with a happy elating, that God is glorious, oh so glorious and He’s real and He’s here with us and He’s perfectly good.

And I thought about how God can’t be contained in our churches and we can’t walk out and shut the door on Him on Sundays and cease to find Him elsewhere the rest of the week.

No, He shows up in all our everyday existence and He’s beautiful and worthy of all our noticing.

Now, I’m not saying that my God is the sky or the foam or the sand in the sea. But, all these things that He made, they are shouters and  pointers so that we’ll always be turning to Him, the One we endlessly crave.

Summer is fading and the seasons, they turn, but I hold on tight to a few things here.

There’s grace in the air and God-breath in our lungs and we’re joy-bursting with this knowing…that when we look up and look out, there’s glory to be seen! Let’s not stop looking.

So, dear God, with us here, as You turn the seasons once again, will You turn our hearts to You.

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